Monday, May 22, 2017

Work Day Today

You have a work day today to study for finals.  You can work on the extra credit study assignments.

This extra credit is for you to take initiative and study for the final.  You may do one, two, all three or none.  It is optional.  The credit will go on your quarter grade or final grade - your choice.
#1 - Create vocab flashcards set to study from. (5 points) Can be a Quizlet
#2 - Create a bullet outline using the content notes given in class with 3-4 bullets per item. (10 pts). Content is on Schoology for each class
#3 - Have a parent or guardian sign a note saying that you studied for at least 30 minutes. (5 points)

Show them to me no later than the day before your final in class.  Yes, do all three and you get 20 points.

All materials are on Schoology including -final vocab list, and final content list.  
If you have any questions, message me on Schoology or ask a co worker.

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