Friday, May 5, 2017

Positive Mental Attitude

PMA...  Do you have it?

Sometimes, it is difficult to keep a positive mental attitude.  This is especially true when the things going on around us are negative, stressful, and/or challenging.  However, keeping a PMA is extremely important because it can help us cope or deal with what is going on.  Often, it helps if we have a mantra or motto.  This is just a phrase or quote that we identify with that helps us stay focused in a positive manner.  For example, it can be as simple as "Just keep swimming"  which is Dori's famous quote from Finding Nemo.  "Just Keep Swimming" simply meant not to give up or stop even when something bad is happening like in Dori's case of being chased by sharks.

Your turn: For EW, write a PMA quote that you are familiar with and explain what you think it means or how you apply it to your life.  If you don't know a quote or are looking for a new one, Google "positive mental attitude quote" and search images.

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