Monday, April 10, 2017

The Early Childhood Classroom


Objective: The purpose of this assignment is to apply what you have learned about the early childhood classroom by creating a visual representation of the classroom.

Directions:  You are to create a classroom diagram to scale.  You will use the following criteria.  Each are worth five points each.
  • room will be 22 X 30 (feet)
  • Scale the drawing so that 1 inch  = 1 foot
  • include 8 centers and label these
  • include 2 doors/exits
  • include a sink 
  • boys and girls bathroom
  • distinguish between carpet and laminate flooring
  • include at least ten representations for toys, blocks, books, etc
  • be colorful and creative
Total points = 45

To help you with scaling, you may measure our classroom cabinets, doors, sink, book shelves, etc so that you know how much room these things take up.  Refer to your notes and book page 640 for center information.

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