Monday, March 13, 2017

IPR Midterm Vocab

These vocabulary terms will be on the Midterm on Friday.

A.       Abstract ideas
B.       Active listening
C.       Compensation
D.        Compromise
E.        Concrete thinking
F.        Conversion
G.       Decision making process
H.       Defense Mechanisms
I.         Displacement
J.         Distracting
K.       Environment
L.        Extrovert
M.     Fantasy
N.       Gene
O.      Heredity
P.       Human resource
Q.      Idealization
R.       Intellectual development
S.        Introvert
T.        I-statements
U.       Long-term goal
V.       Media
W.     Moral principles
X.       Negotiation
Y.        Nonhuman resource
Z.        Passive listening
AA.    Peers
BB.     Placating
CC.     Projection
DD.    Receiver
EE.      Regression
FF.      Resiliency
GG.    Self-concept
HH.    Self-esteem
II.         Self-identity
JJ.         Self-talk
KK.      Sender
LL.       Short-term goal
MM.                        Stroking
NN.    Sub goal
OO.  Values

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