Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Assessments in My Classroom

Assessments in my Classroom

Objective - This assignment will allow you to  demonstrate your understanding of the types of assessment, give appropriate examples of each, and tell how you will use them in the classroom.

Directions - Your finished project will have four components: (1) a three paragraph essay on "Assessments in My Classroom", (2) a Pinterest board titled Formative Assessment, (3) a lesson plan of your choice that includes three separate formative assessments, and (4) a visual piece that you will create for your classroom that is  based on formative assessment.

  1. Essay - In an opening paragraph, discuss assessment as a whole - why it is needed, who benefits from it and how, and  a lead that tells the two types of assessment.  In paragraph two, discuss the difference between formative and summative assessments, explain the benefit of each, and gives examples of each.  In paragraph three, summarize how you will use formative and summative assessments in your classroom, how they will help you improve teaching, and improve student learning. (20 pts -15 for content/5 for spelling and grammar)
  2. Pinterest Board - submit a print out of your Pinterest board titled Formative Assessment.  Include 10 pin ideas on your board.  (10 points)
  3. Lesson Plan - Write a one page lesson plan on a topic of your choice ( or the choice of your Cooperating teacher).  In the assessment portion, name and describe three formative assessments that you could do during the lesson.  Tell when each one would be done (I do, you do, we do).  You could asterisk this information as well. (30 pts)
  4. Visual Piece - Create a board that curates one formative assessment from your Pinterest board.(25 pts - peer review)
85 points total.  This will be due at the end of the day on Tuesday.  

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