Thursday, March 23, 2017

Adjusting to Marriage

For today's early work, you are to define the following terms:
  1. Continuum
  2. Marital Adjustment
  3. Hostility
  4. Concession
  5. Accommodation
  6. Interpersonal Adjustments
  7. Pair Adjustment
  8. Sandwich Approach
These key terms can be found on page 219.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Preparation for marriage

For today, you will read pages 193-203 and take notes.  Complete worksheet 65.

Monday, March 13, 2017

IPR Midterm Vocab

These vocabulary terms will be on the Midterm on Friday.

A.       Abstract ideas
B.       Active listening
C.       Compensation
D.        Compromise
E.        Concrete thinking
F.        Conversion
G.       Decision making process
H.       Defense Mechanisms
I.         Displacement
J.         Distracting
K.       Environment
L.        Extrovert
M.     Fantasy
N.       Gene
O.      Heredity
P.       Human resource
Q.      Idealization
R.       Intellectual development
S.        Introvert
T.        I-statements
U.       Long-term goal
V.       Media
W.     Moral principles
X.       Negotiation
Y.        Nonhuman resource
Z.        Passive listening
AA.    Peers
BB.     Placating
CC.     Projection
DD.    Receiver
EE.      Regression
FF.      Resiliency
GG.    Self-concept
HH.    Self-esteem
II.         Self-identity
JJ.         Self-talk
KK.      Sender
LL.       Short-term goal
MM.                        Stroking
NN.    Sub goal
OO.  Values

2017 State Leadership Conference

2017 Prostart Competition

 Girl's Team


Dinner at Chili's

Family Challenges

Early Work - Create a list of all of the things in life that could pose a challenge to a family in the sense that it will be stressful, hurtful, and even possibly destroy the family unit.  List as many as you  can think of.

Read about it - Topics will include the pile-up effect, stressors, internal stressor, external stressor, and coping behavior.  Pages 393-396

Thursday, March 9, 2017

The Baby Human Review

In yesterday's video, there were many things explained about an infants' physical development.  Use your early work time to discuss the following with your group.  Be prepared to discuss your answers with the class.

  1. Aside from physical development, what other areas of development are there?  (hint:PIES)
  2. What  are the five major milestones for an infant in the first year?
  3. About what age does an infant roll over?
  4. Why should you not leave an infant on their stomach for more than a few minutes?
  5. What reflex is baby born with but seems to loose as a result of gravity?
  6. When a baby walks "along the furniture", it is called ____________.
  7. When the infant crawls over the virtual cliff, it shows that infants are not born with what?
  8. At what age does a baby learn to sit up?
  9. Everything that babies pick up go where?
  10. What was the most interesting part of the video?

Mix and Mingle

For early work, get up and meet and greet your classmates to tell them about your dating violence statistics.

Who has the saddest most depressing statistic?  Who has the most shocking or disturbing statistic?

Discuss these and then prepare for notes.

How did it go?

For early work today, take ten minutes and write out 2 paragraphs on how your first day back for placement has gone.  Include activities done, what you observed, what you did (taught), concerns, things that went well, etc..

Wednesday, March 8, 2017


 Google search and write down on paper two statistics about dating violence.

Assessments in My Classroom

Assessments in my Classroom

Objective - This assignment will allow you to  demonstrate your understanding of the types of assessment, give appropriate examples of each, and tell how you will use them in the classroom.

Directions - Your finished project will have four components: (1) a three paragraph essay on "Assessments in My Classroom", (2) a Pinterest board titled Formative Assessment, (3) a lesson plan of your choice that includes three separate formative assessments, and (4) a visual piece that you will create for your classroom that is  based on formative assessment.

  1. Essay - In an opening paragraph, discuss assessment as a whole - why it is needed, who benefits from it and how, and  a lead that tells the two types of assessment.  In paragraph two, discuss the difference between formative and summative assessments, explain the benefit of each, and gives examples of each.  In paragraph three, summarize how you will use formative and summative assessments in your classroom, how they will help you improve teaching, and improve student learning. (20 pts -15 for content/5 for spelling and grammar)
  2. Pinterest Board - submit a print out of your Pinterest board titled Formative Assessment.  Include 10 pin ideas on your board.  (10 points)
  3. Lesson Plan - Write a one page lesson plan on a topic of your choice ( or the choice of your Cooperating teacher).  In the assessment portion, name and describe three formative assessments that you could do during the lesson.  Tell when each one would be done (I do, you do, we do).  You could asterisk this information as well. (30 pts)
  4. Visual Piece - Create a board that curates one formative assessment from your Pinterest board.(25 pts - peer review)
85 points total.  This will be due at the end of the day on Tuesday.  

Dating Violence

Early work - journal - make a list of characteristics to describe a healthy relationship and an unhealthy relationship.  This can be done as a Tchart.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017


For today's early work, we will continue our discussion of assessment focusing on formative and summative.  We will view the following video , practice taking notes, and discuss.

For today's assignment, you will read and review the following articles.
  1. Formative Assessments
  2. The Difference between Formative and Summative

For the Article Review sheet, click HERE.  Don't forget to make two copies and share them back with me.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Beginning and Ending a Dating Realtionship

For today's early work, create a T-chart.  Title it Dating Relationship: Beginning and Ending.  List all the things you would like your date to do in the beginning of your relationship.  Then list all the ways that would be acceptable or unacceptable for the relationship to be ended.  Be ready to share.

Friday, March 3, 2017

Going on Dates

Complete the reading of pages 174-175.  Create a list of the 7 functions of dating in your early work notebook.  Next to each one, name two dates that you would go on to help meet the function.  For example, where would you take a date to achieve companionship?

The Care and Guidance of Children

For today's early work, define the following terms that relate to child care and guidance.

  • guidance
  • discipline
  • modeling
  • redirecting
  • reinforcement
  • natural consequences
  • time-out 

Educational Theorists

Today, you will be creating a tri-fold pamphlet that discusses the five educational theorists - Piaget, Vygotsky, Gardner, Montessori, and Sternberg.

In your pamphlet, you are to include the following:

  1. A clever cover design - 5 pts
  2. Create a section for each theorist - 
  3. Title each section with their name and dates - 5 pts
  4. Include the basic theory of each theorist - 10 pts
  5. Give a description of the theory or provide examples - 10 pts
  6. Create a chart for Piaget's four periods of learning - 10 pts
  7. Create a chart for Gardner's multiple intelligences - 10 pts
Be colorful and creative. Add illustrations.  Make sure your name and the date are on the back cover. You will have all hour to complete this and early work time tomorrow if needed. 

Thursday, March 2, 2017


Today we will begin chapter 8, Dating.  You early work is to define the following terms.

formal dating
informal dating
group dating
pair dating
steady dating
double- date
random dating
romantic love
mature love

Marker Board Review

Grab a marker, board, and eraser.  We are reviewing chapter 13 before we move on tomorrow.