Wednesday, February 22, 2017

The Newborn

The Newborn Baby
    Today's assignment is to create an informational brochure or mini poster (your choice) about the newborn's physical appearance after birth.  You will also include information about the physical changes that prepare the newborn to live outside the uterus.  The intended audience of this assignment is expectant mothers.

Include the following information.

  1. The physical changes that take place:
    • How the lungs change during the birth process.
    • What happens to the umbilical cord after birth.
      2.  How the newborn looks:
    • Describe how baby's head may look and the purpose of fontanels.
    • Describe how baby's face will look.
    • Describe what lanugo is and its purpose..
    • Describe what vernix is and its purpose.
     3.  How babies are examined:
    • Describe the Apgar scale and how it works:
        • Name the five areas that are examined
        • Tell about the point system
        • Tell what happens if baby gets a low score.
    4.  Finally, add colorful and creative pictures to make your brochure or mini poster visually appealing.

This assignment is worth 25 points.  You will have all hour to work on it. 

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