Tuesday, December 6, 2016


EW - How does poverty affect the classroom?  If you are working with students who live in poverty, what impact will that have on your class?  Make a list of what a teacher may expect of a class who's students live in poverty.


What is SES?  What do I need to know about it?  What impact does it have on education? How will it affect my teaching career?

These are the questions to be answered by today'S article review assignment.  As you read the article linked below, refer back to these questions.  Use these questions to guide your responses to the review questions.

Anger, Anxiety, Depression

Read text pages 77-82
Complete the following questions

  • List five steps for handling anger in a positive way.
  • Explain the difference between normal anxiety and high anxiety
  • Identify three possible causes of depression

Friday, December 2, 2016

Helping Infants learn

Today is an independent work day.  Complete the following in your notebook.

  1. Early work - make a list of ten things that an infant will learn to do in his or her first year.  Title your list Infant Milestones.
  2. Read chapter 9 section three with a partner.
  3. Record ten important things to know for 9-3 in your notebook.  Title your list 9-3 Helping Infants Learn.  You should include how to encourage learning, Safe learning, the importance of toys and play, and how to choose toys.