Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Top ten causes of death

EW - Discuss what you believe to be the top ten causes for death and  how we believe these things occur.

  • view you-tube video, “Top ten Leading Causes of Death"
  • Pay attention to the causes, characteristics, factors leading to these conditions.
  • Identify the one common thread between all of these.

Group read  635 - 638. define the following terms - arteriosclerosis, hypertension, cancer, carcinogens, obesity, emphysema, ectomorph, and endomorphs

Getting ready to sew...

Today's assignment is to identify the following parts of the sewing machine and tell what each does. Then watch the video below and answer the video questions.

Time for the video...

Video questions (They are in order of the video)
  1. Where do you put the spool of thread?
  2. After you wrap the thread around the bobbin tension knob, you thread the bobbin.  Which picture shows the bobbin correctly threaded?  Picture 1 or 2?

3.   Before winding the thread onto the bobbin, you must disengage the needle.  This is not shown in the video, but how do you disengage the needle?  (hint:  the needle does not move when it is disengaged.)
4.   The arrows on the machine that show where the thread goes are known as what?
5.   When you first load the bobbin, the thread should come ________________ you and then be pulled off to the  right/left (which way)?
6.   True or false?  Turn the hand dial backwards when you want to hook the bobbin thread so that it can be pulled up through the needle plate.

Monday, November 7, 2016

Leadership Notes

View the following PowerPoint, take notes, and discuss.

PowerPoint Link

Complete worksheet 48.  Turn in for points.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Families grow older...

Today, we begin looking at the second half of the life span.  To start us out, define the following terms as early work.

  1. middlescense
  2. midlife crisis
  3. retirement
  4. social security
  5. supplemental social security
  6. medicare
  7. pensions
  8. elder abuse
  9. material abuse
  10.  adult day care
  11. hospice care