Wednesday, April 5, 2017

What will retirement be like?

Retirement is many many years down the road.  Often, we wonder what it might be like?  What do you know about retirement already?  What would you like to know?  Many want to know how much money it will take to retire, or if they'll be able to.

Social Security will be one source of income.  However, it is based on your annual income over your years of working.  To get an idea of what your social security check would be, you can use the quick calculator link below.

Try out the following scenarios:

  • You earn minimum wage at $15,080 a year
  • You have a 2 Year degree and make $35,000 a year
  • You have a four year degree and make $55,000 a year

What would your social security be for each of these?  Is this enough to live on?  How do you know?

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