Monday, January 18, 2016

Physical Development

Today we will be starting our project on the physical development of four to six year olds.  Each group of 4 will receive a 2D child.  You will need to determine the following about your child:

  1. Child's age based on their height measurement
  2. Child's weight based on average height and weight chart
  3. Five physical milestones (based on age)
Once you have this information, you will create a visual display by doing the following:
  • Trace your 2D model and color
  • Create  7 "cloud bubbles" with the above listed information.
  • Cut out both the 2D child and cloud bubbles.
Additional info:
  • You are to name your 2D child and make a cloud bubble with their name.
  • You will present to your class.
  • Your child will go on display in the hallway.