Thursday, September 17, 2015

Fairy Tale Lesson Plan

Today you will create a lesson plan for a well known fairy tale based on Bloom's Taxonomy.  A sample plan has been given in class. 

For this assignment, you must:
  • Select a popular fairy tale that you know very well.  There can be no repeats so clear it  with me first.
  • Type up your lesson plan in Google Docs in the same format as the example.
  • Use the acronym SWBAT for your objectives.
  • Provide any worksheets listed with your completed plan - get them printed out.
  • Create samples of any crafts or finished products that your plan includes.
  • Share your plan and any resources with me and your classmates through Google Docs.
  • Present one portion of your lesson to the class as though we are the students and you are the teacher.
You will have time in class to day.  Your completed project will be due Monday.  Be ready to present on Monday as well.

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