Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Diet and Nutrition During Pregnancy

A growing baby gets it's nourishment from the mother's bloodstream.  The mother must eat enough of the right foods to meet her nutritional needs and the baby's needs.  It is especially important because some nutrients such as folic acid can prevent certain birth defects.  To make sure a mother to be is eating right, the following is recommended:

  • Eat a variety from all food groups
  • "Eat the rainbow"
  • Increase calories by 300 extra calories per day
  • Keep sodium low
  • Keep fried or fatty foods to a minimum
For today's activity, we will create a sample menu for a pregnant mother.  We will use page 270 as a resource for number of servings needed.  Typically, a serving is a half of a cup, one slice (bread or cheese), and/or 3 ounces (meat)

You will use this template to create your menu.  Make a copy of it before you begin.

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