Monday, January 19, 2015

No Matter What Life Hands You...

Certainly you have heard the expression, "When life hands you lemons, make lemonade".  Have you ever taken the time to reflect on what that means exactly?  We know lemons are sour and if you've ever eaten one, you know that the sourness makes  your face twist up in an unpleasant way.  Lemonade, on the other hand is typically enjoyed by all due to the sweetness of the drink.  Plus, it's usually served cold so it's refreshing and hits the spot.  It's satisfying.

So back to the expression... What does it mean?  Well, it's actually a metaphor for when life gets rough.  It means that we can take a negative that's been handed to us, work with it in a positive way (add some sugar), and turn the negative into something not so unpleasant.

Your turn: What negatives has life handed you?  Name three.  Explain what you did or how you reacted to turn those negatives into something you could handle and work with.

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