Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Baby Math

Today's early work consists of a couple of math word problems.  Please complete these on a blank sheet of paper (not DOCS).

  1. Jenny is taking her 3 month old to the hospital tomorrow to see the doctor.  The reason baby needs to go is because Jenny is not sure if baby is eating enough.  It is hard for Jenny to tell because the baby never finishes a bottle.  She wants to be able to tell the doctor how much the baby has eaten today.  Help Jenny figure this out by adding the following (fractional) bottle amounts.
              Bottle #1             3/4
                         #2             1/2
                         #3             2/6
                         #4             5/6
                         #5             1/2
                         #6             5/6

                                    How much did Jenny's baby eat?    ____________Bottles

      2.  While Jenny is at the hospital, she sees that many nurses are frantically running about.  It seems that there has been a baby mix up.  Apparently, this hospital does not use wrist bands to ID the babies.  Instead, they record baby's length to tell them apart.  The head nurse knows for a fact that the longest baby belongs to the mom in room A.  The other nurse knows that the shortest baby belongs in room D.  The doctor said that the baby who is just longer than the shortest goes in room C.  It was the receptionist who realized that if you put the babies in order according to their length from greatest to least that you would figure out who belongs to who.  Help the hospital staff figure out which baby is which by putting the following lengths in order from greatest to least

    17  and 3/4"

    17 and 2/8"

     17 and 1/2"

     17 and 3/4"

                                       How do these numbers order from greatest to least? ___________

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