Thursday, September 11, 2014

Vocab Review EP

EW - What vocab terms match the following definitions?

  1. A noticeable lag in a specific aspect of development that is beyond average variations.
  2. The ability to understand that a simple change in the shape of an object does not change its amount.
  3. The ability to place objects in order by characteristic, such as smallest to largest.
  4. The ability to move the hands precisely to coordinate with what the eyes see.
  5. The ability to sort items by one or more characteristics they have in common.
  6. The skillful use of the hands and fingers.
  7. The gradual increase in skills and abilities that occurs over a lifetime.
  8. The way people change and improve in their ability to think and learn throughout life.
  9. All of the actions or processes involving thought and knowledge.
  10. Comprehensive explanations, based on research, about why people act and behave the way they do and how they change over time.
(Hint: These are terms from our last two sets on quizlet.)

BTW, have you created an Education Professions folder on Quizlet yet and copied all of the sets into it?

There will be a quiz over all 46 terms on the 19th.

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