Thursday, September 11, 2014

FCCLA Sign Ups Start Today.

Today is the club fair.  This means we begin signing up for clubs.  You should consider joining FCCLA.

Why join?  Check out the comments below made by current and previous members.


  1. In general, FCCLA is an extension of what we do in the FACS classrooms. We work on projects and activities. We compete at the state level too.

  2. I enjoy being in FCCLA because I have always enjoyed working with children and this club helps me experience more with that. Not only is it fun, but it helps you learn more about children, the environment, or cooking. There are so many opportunities in this club and I am glad I am in it!

  3. I think people should join FCCLA is because IF you are going to college for teaching or culinary or any thing pertaining to FACS then this club will help lead you in the correct direction. Another reason is because you get real world experience in the projects that we put together and then take to state. I joined this club because its like heaven to me, it includes cooking and children which are my two biggest interests (for college). I also think that if someone is planning for their future and are trying to decide that this club could either show them that this is where they belong or if they should check other out.